Eric: Steeltown Offroaders are now an authorized dealer for FOA Shocks and Viper Coils, see member discount page
Eric: This years event schedule is up, check it out and rsvp
Eric: February monthly meeting will be just a board meeting at Nick's house on Friday, 2/24 @ 7pm, All members welcome
The War Wagon: Soooo... we're HAVING a meeting today? One wouldn't KNOW, by reading the "Events" schedule...
The War Wagon: Can't vote for a size (4x) that DOESN'T exist... :-/
Eric: You only get 1 vote for a size, so if you want a 2nd, 3rd, etc, send me msg
Eric: If you want to buy a t-shirt, please go to voting and select your size
Eric: Polls are open for board elections. Go to Members Only, then voting, make sure to vote for each position
The War Wagon: Anyone down there see the tornado go by today?
Eric: Please RSVP to the Black Mountain Offroad Park trip in August, by JUNE 23rd
The War Wagon: We've been upgraded from "Winter Wonderland," to "Class III KILLSTORM," so thought I'd check...
The War Wagon: ALL members & family accounted for? Anybody need rescuing?
The War Wagon: Anyone going to Wellsville Saturday morning? Do we wanna meet up for a convoy? :-D
The War Wagon: For the radio-inclined - Pirate members get a discount, I think. (www)
Fedorchak1635: Meeting tomorrow night. Sorry forgot to put it on the site due to it being down
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