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'07 Commander and '92 Ram Charger

Restoring an ancient Dodge Ramcharger and wheeling, camping, & fishing with my kids. Firearms, computers, CB radio, Lutheran theology, and about a dozen other things are all carammed in there, too. :-p

Favorite Music
Whatever I happen to be listening to: Could be Megadeth, or Enya - John Hiatt, or Coldplay - Celtic Thunder, or ZZ Top - '80's New Wave, or 16th century Lutheran hymnody. Kinda depends on what day you run into me. ;-)

Favorite Movies
Miller's Crossing, The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas, MST3k, all things Star Trek, A River Runs Through It, Hard Boiled, early Steven Seagal, The new BBC "Sherlock!" The Great Escape, most anything John Wayne or Clint Eastwood's done, Reservoir Dogs, M. Night Shyamalan's stuff... and more!

Favorite Books
The Bible, The Book of Concord, any Robert B. Parker novel, All of Frank Herbert's "Dune" stories, Chilton's Auto Guides, Raymond Chandler's works

Favorite Quotations
"Why, they couldn't hit an elephant at this dis - " - last utterance of Maj.Gen. John Sedgwick, before a Confederate sniper showed him otherwise... "Tis better to dare mighty things, than take rank with those poor timid souls, who know neither defeat nor victory" - Theodore Roosevelt

General About Me
Husband of one, father of four, defender of lost causes, tilter of windmills, & the last Confederate.

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